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News – Flooding in Africa

November 2009

Flooding in Africa


Heavy rains have washed away a new church in Soba Aradi, Khartoum, in Sudan, while hundreds of homes in Niger have been demolished by flooding.

     Soba Aradi in Sudan is a camp that holds nearly 23,000 internally displaced people, mostly Christians from the south, who have been displaced by the 22-year long civil war.

     According to reports from the Barnabas Fund, there is little possibility of the homes being rebuilt in the near future, due to costs and the fact that the adverse weather is unlikely to abate until later on this year.

     Four days of intense rainfall in northern Niger caused a dam to rupture outside of Agadez town, destroying farmlands and homes of nearly 200 of the poorest members of the local population. There is a danger of an outbreak of cholera and an increase in malaria.

     Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, international director of the Barnabas Fund, said: ‘Many of our brothers and sisters in Niger and Sudan live in acute poverty, and a disaster such as the recent storms and floods threatens their very survival’.



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