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News – Islam & the church

June 2009 | by Robert Oliver

Islam & the church


Nearly 200 people attended the 18th Annual Meeting of Evangelical Library West in Bath to hear Dr Patrick Sookhdeo of the Barnabas Fund speak on ‘Islam, the church and the future of Britain’ at Widcombe Baptist Church, Bath.

Emphasising the Christian duty to love all people, Dr Sookhdeo urged those present to assess all teachings in the light of Scripture. This is needed to present the Christian message faithfully and lovingly, especially at this time when some evangelicals have urged co-operation with Muslims against the challenge of godless humanism.

He showed how such co-operation has weakened Christian endeavours to evangelise in Islamic societies and to help oppressed Christians in such situations.

Dr Sookhdeo urged Christians to be aware of the price paid by previous generations for the freedom to evangelise freely in the UK and not to allow this to be undermined by the prevailing political correctness and pluralism of today.

Insisting that faithful warnings do not promote hatred, he urged us to preach the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and the necessity of faith in Christ for salvation. This must be proclaimed over against the religion of secular pluralism, which is challenging Christian witness today. Dr Sookhdeo’s address was received with a standing ovation.

Copies on CD or cassette are available (post free) from: ELW, c/o Onesimus House, PO Box 170, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 5XN. Please enclose a cheque for £3.50, payable to ‘ELW (Bath)’.

Rev. Dr Robert Oliver

London Theological Seminary