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News – Eager to debate

April 2009

Eager to debate


Christian university students are said to be ‘excited’ at the launch of a campaign by leading atheist Professor Richard Dawkins to see secularist societies on every university and college campus within the next twelve months.

     Pod Bhogal of UCCF, a support group for Christian Unions, said: ‘Once again, Professor Dawkins is to be thanked for raising the profile of God and faith issues. His book The God delusion was a brilliant platform for Christian Unions on which to host events where the claims about God and Jesus Christ could be openly discussed, and through that, people have become Christians’.

     It is also possible that some of the problems experienced by Christian Unions in recent years about society leadership and membership will be experienced by the new secularist societies. CUs have been at the forefront of drawing up good practice with the National Union of Students (NUS) as to how religious/philosophical societies should work on campuses, and that means that every society must ensure that all its meetings are open to all students to attend. 

     In reality, this will means the new societies must also open their doors to Christian students, and they will look forward to contributing to open and honest debates about the nature of faith and belief, as well as the person and work of Jesus Christ.