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News – Exeter induction

March 2009 | by Tom Cook

Exeter induction


Saturday 3 January was a blessed day for Exeter Independent Evangelical Church, as this was when Pastor Jonathan Munday was inducted as the fellowship’s first pastor. The church was constituted in 1999, but it was not until almost ten years later that it was in a position to appoint a full-time minister.

     The induction service was attended by approximately 150 people and the main speaker was Dewi Higham, minister of Tabernacle Cardiff. Mr Higham spoke of the need for both pastor and church to seek first the kingdom of God if the church was to prosper in this new phase of its ministry. Brian Higham also contributed to the service.

     Jonathan Munday was formerly pastor of Maryport Street Baptist Chapel, Devizes. He is married to Myra and they have three children. The church’s website address is

Tom Cook