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News – West Park Church, Wolverhampton

December 2008 | by Adrian Sargent

West Park Church, Wolverhampton


Over 27-28 September, West Park Church celebrated God’s remarkable goodness during the 40 years since the church began. To mark the occasion, members and friends gathered on Saturday afternoon for an informal meeting, when aspects of the church’s history were recounted.

     Stuart Olyott and his wife Doll joined us for the weekend and Stuart preached on the Saturday evening and at both of the Sunday services. His ministry stressed the need for every believer to love Christ fervently, pray for the ministry of God’s Word and walk close to God.

     Tea was provided between the Saturday meetings, which gave opportunities to renew fellowship and catch up on news. There were displays of photographs and other mementoes.

     West Park (originally Merridale) has sought to make the Bible central to church life and discipleship, and maintain the centrality of preaching. Gareth Crossley was called as the church’s first minister in 1969, and there was a period when Douglas Miller ministered, before Gareth returned in 1982.

     The church outgrew its small premises in Merridale and acquired a larger building in a more strategic area of Wolverhampton, to which we moved in October 1985. That first Christmas, 2000 leaflets were taken to homes in the area, welcoming visitors to its seasonal services. About 50 people responded by coming or requesting tapes and some were converted to Christ.

      Today we have opportunities for evangelism in the adjoining park and city centre, the rehabilitation hospital over the road and several residential homes across the city. We have weekly young people’s activities and a monthly event designed for older people.

     Since 2003, Ian Harrison has been the minister and he continues to preach the doctrines of grace faithfully week by week. Over the years several men have worked here as ‘trainees’ prior to going into other pastoral situations.

     God has been good to us. We pray for his grace and help in the years ahead.

Adrian Sargent



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