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News – Discipleship Explored DVD

December 2008

Discipleship Explored DVD


Christianity Explored (CE) has launched its new Discipleship Explored  DVD (published by the Good Book Company) at All Souls Church, Langham Place, in London.

     An audience of journalists, Discipleship Explored (DE) course leaders, bloggers and other church representatives watched the screening of a trailer and two episodes of the course. CE founder Rico Tice then interviewed Barry Cooper, the DVD’s writer and presenter.

     DE has been running in homes and churches worldwide since 2005. It has helped tens of thousands consider what discipleship to Jesus Christ means. It focuses on the book of Philippians in the New Testament.

     Jonathan Rogers, leader of a DE course in London, is impressed by its biblical focus. ‘While the material facilitates good quality discussion, the secret of its success is that it always directs people back to the Bible’s teaching. Helping to lead this has been a real joy and thrill’.

     The DVD, designed to complement the existing Study Guide and Leader’s Guide, was shot on location around the UK and ‘boasts superb production values as well as a theologically rigorous script’. Its trailer is on You Tube. Further information: