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Review – The law of kindness – Mary Beeke – Reformation Heritage

October 2008 | by Lyn Davies

The law of kindness


Mary Beeke

Reformation Heritage; 247 pages; $13.00; ISBN: 978-1601780294


The law of kindness is divided into three sections, in which Mary Beeke examines the idea of kindness, shows how it is developed, and gives helpful advice for putting it into action. There are 13 chapters including some addressed specifically to husbands, wives, parents, teachers and children.

     There is an appendix which must make every mother think very carefully about many of the benefits of being at home with their children if at all possible. There is also a Scripture index.

     The reader cannot help but feel the warmth and kindness that Mary Beeke displays as you read the book – she says kindness can be described better with examples than with definitions, so stories and practical advice are a thread throughout the whole book.

     Mary Beeke writes, ‘It is impossible to get at the heart of kindness any other way than through God, for he is the essence of true kindness. There is only one God, who is the God of justice but also the God of mercy and kindness’.

     The kindness of Jesus is reflected in his followers because he writes the ‘law of kindness’ on their hearts (Proverbs 31:26). Showing kindness and love to others is at the very centre of the life of a Christian.

     Everyone will profit from reading this book – it should motivate us all to cultivate more of this Christian virtue.

Lyn Davies