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Review – Elisha: encountering the messenger of salvation – Day One

August 2008 | by Paul Bassett

Elisha: encountering the messenger of salvation


Jim Winter

Day One Publications

103 pages; £5.00

ISBN: 978-1-84625-113-9


It is time that Elisha was brought out from under the shadow of Elijah! Jim Winter most certainly does this, though he rightly shows the connection between these two spiritual giants in the latter part of the book.

     The author maintains an even and readable style throughout this clear picture of the life and ministry of Elisha. The book is an excellent introduction to the prophet and at the same time contains good material for study groups, particularly young people. At the end of each of the eleven chapters there are questions for further study.

     To give the book added interest, Jim Winter makes helpful cross references to the life of Christ in a most relevant way. He also draws on illustrations from the lives of men of God like George Whitefield, George Muller and Evan Roberts.

     The author most definitely speaks to today’s world and today’s church in demonstrating the relevance and challenge of Elisha. I thoroughly recommend the book; it should most definitely find its place in all church bookstalls and libraries.

Paul Bassett