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Review – The loveliness of Christ – Banner of Truth

June 2008 | by John Harris

The loveliness of Christ

Samuel Rutherford

Banner of Truth; 108 pages; £10

ISBN: 987-0-85151-956-2


This little gem of a book consists of a collection of quotes from the letters of Samuel Rutherford, mostly written while exiled from his beloved Anwoth and living in bleak Aberdeen. It is a reprint of a publication first put together by Ellen Lister in 1909.

           The book is exquisitely bound in soft red leather and it will slip neatly into your pocket or handbag, so it can be dipped into whenever a spare moment presents itself. Each quote displays the Saviour and his preciousness, particularly to suffering saints, but will warm the heart in any situation.

          It lives up perfectly to its title, as was discovered by an English merchant who heard the ‘little fair man’ preaching about Christ in St Andrews. A useful glossary will explain some of Rutherford’s more obscure Scots expressions.

          This makes an ideal present or thank-you gift but you will want to keep it for yourself so you’ll need more than one!

John Harris