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Review – A biblical guide to love, sex and marriage – EP

June 2008

A biblical guide: to love, sex and marriage

Derek and Rosemary Thomas

Evangelical Press

128 pages; £7.95

ISBN: 978-0-85234-661-7


Although a number of helpful books have been published recently about relationships and marriage, this new work from Derek and Rosemary Thomas is different from many others. Instead of a topic survey, it considers the teaching on relationships found in the Song of Solomon.

     The authors argue that the Song is about courtship, sex and marriage as well as the relationship between Christ and the church. The authors expound all the content of the song and draw out particular application to their intended topic. The chapters cover finding a partner, growing in love, marriage, difficult times in relationships, commitment and other such topics.

     Each chapter helpfully includes the text of a section of the book and goes on to interpret the text and make extensive applications. The authors are sensitive to the more graphic content of the song, noting that Jewish rabbis were not allowed to study the book until they were thirty! They carefully deal with these passages without going into unnecessary detail.

     This is an excellent book and is thoroughly recommended. It is rare to find this sort of advice on relationships – advice that does not argue from wisdom or experience but rather from the exegesis of a biblical text.

     The book will be especially suitable for young people asking questions about relationships. It will also be helpful for pastors looking to further understand how to apply the Song of Solomon to human relationships as well as the relationship between Christ and the church.

Matthew and Naomi Seymour

Escondido, California