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News – Carmarthen Evangelical Church

June 2008 | by Alan Davison

Carmarthen Evangelical Church


Saturday 5 April was a big day for Carmarthen Evangelical Church, as it saw the induction of our third pastor, Chris Rogers. The service was well attended, with around 140 present.

     Carmarthen elder Brian Halliday welcomed everyone and gave a history of the call, to which Chris Rogers responded.

     Winford Thomas, Carmarthen’s first pastor, read 1 Timothy 1:12 – 2:10 and led in prayer. The act of induction was led by Stuart Olyott, who, after Carmarthen elder Alan Davison had led in prayer, preached from 2 Thessalonians 3:1 on ‘Pray for the man’.

     Rev. Olyott’s message was on the need for the Word to have ‘free course’; that opposition to it would be overcome; and that we would be blessed through our new minister and his wife Eleanor being in fellowship with us.

     Carmarthen Church is most grateful to Penuel Baptist Church for the use of Penuel’s building for the induction.

Alan Davison