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Review – [email protected]: Being a disciple for Christ in the workplace – 10 Publishing

May 2008 | by Richard Webb

[email protected]: Being a disciple for Christ in the workplace

Graham Beynon

10 Publishing

40 pages; £3.00; ISBN: 978-1-906173-02-9


This is a short book and gets straight to the point. ‘When you think about it, the bulk of our days involve work. But what does the Bible say about work? Many people don’t make any connection between being a Christian and their day in the office or at home…’

     Five pages set out the theological reason why we work as part of God’s plan for us, while a further five explain why work is not always satisfying – even though we were made for work. The author then moves to the practical outworking, with seven pages as to how we should think about our work, and ten pages on what difference this makes to the way we should do our work as Christians.

     If you’ve never given the subject much thought this book is a great little summary to get you started. If you’ve read books like Thank God it’s Monday by Mark Greene, which is in the list of further reading, this book is a great reminder to keep a clear focus in thinking about and performing your God-given work.

     Graham Beynon got me excited about work. In the short time I took to read the book, I thought of two friends, a graduate new to paid employment and a friend in his 40s for whom I got copies. I thoroughly recommend this short book whatever your work may be.

Richard Webb