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Review – Beyond bars – Day One

April 2008 | by Neville F. Rees

Beyond bars

Gerard Chrispin

Day One

141 pages; £7.00

ISBN: 978-1-84625-094-1


Originally a series of articles in the Evangelical Movement of Wales magazine, this book gives us a good look inside the work of Daylight Christian Prison Trust. Twelve chapters not only cover real life stories, but also how the Trust was formed, its vision and appeal, and how Christians and churches can get involved and support its work. The author is the founder and director of this strategic work.

     This is a gripping volume and is well presented. There is a glossary of terms at the beginning, which is most informative and helpful. At the end, there are two appendices; one contains extracts of letters from prisoners, and the other features the doctrinal basis of the Trust (with interpretation!). In-between are the chapters of real life accounts, often concluding with an appropriate passage of Scripture.

     The material is put together in an interesting and intriguing manner, so that the character described often turns out to be a biblical person, e.g. Barabbas and Samson. It is amazing and relevant to look up references to imprisonment in the Scriptures revealing that it is an age-long punitive measure for wrongdoing!

     The book is easy to read. It certainly stimulates you to pray for the work of preaching, witnessing, and literature distribution to people who know guilt, but who need to feel it and to desire forgiveness and transformation by Christ.

Neville F. Rees