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News – Scotland’s child criminals

March 2008 | by Paul Kosciecha

Scotland’s child criminals

Law and order statistics released as part of a Freedom of Information request indicate that children as young as four years old are involved in criminal activity such as house-breaking and petty assault.

Figures compiled by Grampian police show that during a single year nearly 10,000 crimes were committed by children under 18. Perhaps the most striking group were those aged under eight – where 49 offences were committed.

The children cannot be identified, but they include a four-year-old accused of house-breaking, a five-year-old caught shoplifting, and another house-breaker aged five. There were 26 cases of vandalism among the under-eights.

Both the police and Scottish Government have called on parents to acknowledge their responsibilities and to teach young people right from wrong.

Paul Kosciecha