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News – Hindus attack Christians

February 2008

Hindus attack Christians

An American mission group International Christian Concern (ICC) has reported the deaths of at least six Christians in Orissa state following anti-Christian unrest. A local Christian told ICC on condition of anonymity that on the night of 28 December, 600 Christians had to hide in a Baptist church in Udaigiri village in the Mallikapur area of the Kandhamal district, as they anticipated attacks on their homes.

A fact-finding team led by Dr John Dayal, Secretary General of the All India Christian Council (AICC), confirmed that six bodies of Christians were found, and 400 Christian homes and 60 churches were burnt down in six days in Baliguda Block of Kandhamal district.

‘Young and healthy Christians have left their villages to flee for their lives; children, women, old and sick, who could not flee for their lives, are in great danger’, Dayal said in a statement quoted by Christian Today.

‘Remnants have been starving for the last four days, and the sick are suffering without medical attention. They are being forced to convert to Hinduism if they are to get food, medical attention and shelter, and their heads are [shaved]’, Dayal quoted a victim as saying.