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Review – Opening up Titus

January 2008 | by Mark Johnston
Opening up Titus
David Campbell
Day One Publication
119 pages; £5.00
ISBN: 978-1-84625-079-8

Well-written and attractively presented, this little commentary does exactly what it says on the cover – it opens up the message of Titus. David Campbell manages to write in a highly accessible style without in any sense diluting the depth and nuances in what Paul is saying.

He takes us into this letter to a church in a very different world from ours and explains and applies it in a way that brings it right into the twenty-first century and the challenges we face in the church of our day.

Pastor Campbell does an excellent job of carefully expounding the text in a way that shows how the needs and issues faced so long ago, in a very different culture, are remarkably similar to those we face today. The issues of core teaching and leadership in the church; the role of men, women and workers; and especially how we understand Christ and salvation; these all address major needs in today’s churches.

Paul’s keynote concern is that Titus, as a pastor-teacher, should attend to the unfinished business of establishing stable churches in Crete, and this concern is helpfully woven throughout the fabric of this commentary. Any church that chooses to use it to help them address these issues will find it enormously helpful.

Mark G. Johnston