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News – New pastor for Melksham

December 2007

New pastor for Melksham

Over 200 people gathered in Melksham, Wiltshire, on Saturday 6 October, to witness the induction of Rev. Marc Thomas to the pastorate of Ebenezer Baptist Chapel. The meeting was chaired by Dr Eryl Davies (former principal of the Evangelical Theological College of Wales).

Chris Buss (assistant pastor at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, and former pastor of Ebenezer) read the Scriptures and Peter Milsom (UK director of Unevangelised Fields Mission) preached from 1 Thessalonians 2, majoring on verse 4: ‘But as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel …’

Those present felt challenged and encouraged by the practical message preached. Although we face opposition, by God’s grace we are enabled to be faithful to our calling and will see fruit from our labours.

John Moody (elder), who has been associated with the church for 50 years, gave a brief account of its history. It has been in existence since 1835, but did not call its first pastor until 1995! He then gave an account of the unanimous call to Marc Thomas to become the church’s second pastor.

Marc outlined his response to the call and gave his testimony. Dr Davies put certain questions to him regarding the gospel ministry, which he answered positively though with a sense of conscious dependence upon God’s grace. Subsequently the membership at Ebenezer responded to Dr Davies’ charge to them.

A particular encouragement was the significant representation from many other churches in
Wiltshire. It is hoped that these links will be strengthened in the days ahead. Others came from further afield, including Marc’s former churches in Bristol (where he had been pastor) and Cwmbran. A fine tea followed and this allowed time for old friendships to be confirmed and new ones formed.