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News – Arthur Imbrey; ministering in Southall

December 2007

Arthur Imbrey; ministering in Southall

Arthur Imbrey and his wife Margaret have retired after 40 years of pastoral ministry in Southall. A service was arranged by local church leaders in Cranford Baptist Church and led by Colin Reasbeck (Doncaster). The preacher was Brian Edwards.

In 1967 Arthur accepted a call to the Barn Mission in Southall, his home town. The church and congregation were a mixture of English, Welsh and West Indians. But rapid changes were taking place as Indians mainly from the Punjab moved into the area.

Arthur sought to reach the Indian community, using literature in their languages. He also became part-time managing editor of Go Teach in 1976, a position he held until 1992. This enabled him to support his family and stay in Southall, while reaching thousands of children with the gospel.

Sally Stringer was seconded to the church in 1981. Her excellent Hindi enabled her to contact and teach those with limited English. She introduced Asian songs, enabling Indians to worship in their own language, with Roman-text Punjabi for the English to join in.

The church went through difficult times in 1991 and Arthur became pastor of Every Nation Gospel Fellowship. Arthur has always sought to lead a church comprising believers of different races and languages. In recent years he concentrated on visiting rather than preaching, encouraging preachers to develop their preaching abilities.

He ended his ministry as pastor with an evangelistic meal and a packed congregation – the majority being Sikhs and Hindus. He spoke on ‘the last place’.

He once stated that Southall was his final destination but he didn’t mean the grave space he owns here! He knows where he is going after death – but what will be the final destiny of the majority who were present?