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Review – Her husband’s crown

November 2007 | by Ruth Burke

Her husband’s crown
Sara Leone
Banner of Truth, 48 pages; £2.00
ISBN: 978-0-85151-946-3

This book is written by a pastor’s wife in America to provide what she felt was lacking – a book of advice and encouragement for other pastors’ wives.

The first few chapters deal with the wife’s relationship with her own husband. Is she providing a ‘quiet, peaceful home’, fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother and being a ‘sympathetic and confidential listener’?

The remaining chapters focus more on the wife’s responsibilities within the congregation. Is she courteous to, and interested in, everyone in the church? Is she guilty of gossip? Is her behaviour an ‘asset’ or a ‘liability’ to her husband?

Although this booklet is aimed in particular at the wives of pastors (there is a specially useful chapter on supporting your husband in the discouragements specific to the Christian ministry) much of what is said is also relevant to all Christian wives.

All Sara Leone’s arguments are grounded in Scripture. While using some illustrations from her own experience, she tends to draw general principles which can be applied to the widely differing situations in which pastors’ wives find themselves.

Her husband’s crown is neither long, nor difficult to read, and it makes very worthwhile reading.

Ruth Burke