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Review – Jesus himself – Marcus Loane – Banner of Truth

October 2007 | by Alun McNabb
Jesus himself; the story of the resurrection
Marcus Loane
Banner of Truth
126 pages; £8.00
ISBN: 978-0-85151-948-7
Always appreciating the writings of Marcus Loane, I anticipated this small volume with not a little relish. But, expecting vintage Loane, I was sorry to be disappointed. Perhaps I should have been more prepared, for the author himself says in his introduction to these short chapters, ‘They hardly break any new ground’.
There are various comments on the characters in the resurrection story, as each is taken in turn, but the narrative is hardly in keeping with the cataclysmic event itself. The resurrection of Jesus Christ surely demands some life and throb and even excitement. I was surprised to find so little of it here.
If you enjoy what is gentle, serene, tranquil and unobtrusive, then this is your book. It is attractively produced in a hard backed A5 format.
Alun McNabb
Gt Bridgeford