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Review – Can we be good without God? – John Blanchard – EP

October 2007 | by Bill Dyer
Can we be good without God?
John Blanchard
Evangelical Press
40 pages; £14.95 (pack of 10)
ISBN: 978-085234-6518
How can we bridge the gap and find common ground with unbelievers in order to share the gospel with them? In this clearly-argued 40 page booklet, John Blanchard finds common ground with unbelievers in our shared awareness of right and wrong.
We all have to make choices between right and wrong and we are all aware of conscience guiding and judging those choices – ‘A moral law seems to be programmed into our psychological “software” and our awareness of it is triggered by the conscience’. But are there consistent guidelines for deciding whether something is right or wrong, good or evil?
John Blanchard shows there can be no basis for agreed morality without a transcendent God. He alone is the explanation for our moral sense, since without him we have no infallible way of differentiating between right and wrong.
Once the reader is seriously engaged with the great issue of God and morality, the second part of the booklet moves the reader to the bigger question: ‘Can we be good
enough for God without God?’ The answer is an emphatic ‘no’. Man’s universal sinfulness is explained, along with God’s gracious provision of redemption. The booklet ends with a warm gospel appeal to trust Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
This booklet again demonstrates John Blanchard’s proven ability to engage with thoughtful unbelievers and point them to Christ. Highly recommended.
Bill Dyer