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Review – The epistles John – Joel Beeke – EP

August 2007 | by Roger March

The epistles John
Joel Beeke
Evangelical Press
250 pages; £8.95
ISBN: 978-085234-6334

This is a commentary on the three epistles of John presented in a preaching format. It is easy to read, with short chapters, headed paragraphs, simple sentence structures and a minimum of technical words. At the same time, it is a thorough exposition with direct practical application, which invites serious reflection.

There is a brief introduction explaining the background to the letters and also an appendix of well-composed review questions. The latter could serve as a useful basis for an informal group study.

Twenty-two chapters on 1 John form the main body of the book. The author works from the basis that the main purpose of the epistle is to establish believers in a genuine and joyful assurance of salvation in Christ. The two chapters on how to respond to doubts and the nature of true faith are real gems. Here is a safe guide in the matter of assurance.

The second and third epistles are expounded in just two chapters and take up the theme of living according to the truth.

This is a heart-warming book and highly recommended. It will prove a good resource not only for preachers but also for all Christians, who will find life-giving truths readily accessible.


Roger March
Milton Keynes