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Events – Tamworth anniversary service

June 2017

On 4 March 2017, Tamworth Road Baptist Church held a thanksgiving service to mark the 150th anniversary of the first use of the current building. It was good to see the chapel well filled, with 150 people, as the regular congregation welcomed friends from far and wide.

It was especially good to renew fellowship with those who had attended the chapel in previous years, but had now moved away from the area. An attractive illustrated booklet contained the order of service and a brief history of the church, which dates back to 1721.

It was evident that those that gathered sang with heart and voice. One of the hymns chosen was ‘Thy church, O Lord, that’s planted here’. This was especially appropriate, having been composed by J. Franklin, one of the first pastors of the church.

The preacher was Christopher Buss, pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church, Ashford. The title of his sermon, based on Malachi 3:6, was ‘The unchanging God in a changing world’. He reminded us that, despite great changes in the last 150 years, the sinful heart of man has not changed. However, neither do God’s Word, holiness and gospel purposes change. Unworthy sinners are still welcome to the eternal God. God’s mercy and promises are alike unchanged and unchanging. The wonderful consequence of this is that the sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Mr Buss concluded by reminding us of the wonder of the eternal righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ imputed to all the Israel of God.

After the service, fellowship continued with refreshments served in the school room. As a very happy day drew to a close, all present joined in giving their love to Rebecca Easton, one of our younger church members, whose birthday was also on the day.

Geoff Haddow