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Events – Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) assembly

July 2017

The 2017 General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) (FCC) met in Liberton Kirk, Edinburgh, on Monday 22 May.

During the meeting, the FCC committee presented its report to the General Assembly, in which it said governing authorities should not spy on the population. It argued it was not the role of authorities in any democratic country to insist on ‘determining the ‘correct’ way for people to think and act’, as the more it does this, ‘the more it will be tempted to take note of those who do not conform’.

In its report, the committee claimed, ‘Christian parents who practise their faith consistently may come under the suspicion of the state’. It highlighted, in particular, the controversial Named Persons regime, which the Supreme Court has recently ruled against.

In his address, Rev. Rob McCurley, new moderator of the FCC said, ‘To love God supremely means we establish first things first within the family. Husbands and wives and parents and children give the Lord their unqualified allegiance and grant everyone and everything else a secondary place’.

He also said a God-centred focus characterised the true church and distinguished it from the ‘deceptive, man-centred focus of the world and counterfeit religion’. He further commented, ‘I propose the church-at-large is in danger of misplaced priorities. What we need is not a tweak to the cosmetics but a colossal overhaul, a paradigm shift. Previous generations were supremely concerned with God’s prerogatives. Surely, that needs to be reasserted in our own day.

‘Our generation needs a recovery of first things first. Putting God first in all things — in our families, in our congregations and in our nations. Do not underestimate the role God has given to our church by measuring it by worldly standards of greatness. Our numbers may be small, but our message conveys the claims of a great God. A trumpet blast only requires a single burst of air’.