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Mission – Baptisms at Sola Grazia

August 2017

Italy’s Sola Grazia church in Mantua celebrated on a perfect summer’s day on 11 June with a host of believers’ baptisms. We had a full church, with more than 90 people squeezing into our small church. Everyone had come to share in the wonderful service of baptism we had been planning for some months.

We had five baptisms in total. These people had expressed an interest in being baptised and so Andrea and Alan met with them to chat through the implications of baptism and to ascertain the spiritual maturity of each candidate.

They were discipled individually and we were delighted to recommend that each of them should be baptised during our service. During a time of testimonies, we heard from Giuseppe Guerreschi, Stefania Mazzagatti, Mara Terzi, Eugenia Ruocco and Debora Betti who all shared touching accounts of how God had changed their lives.

Some came from broken marriages, others from lives of rebellion, some from a background of drugs and one even from prison. Each story was different, but the common thread that ran between each story was of God’s redeeming power and love.

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