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Conference – Church history afternoon

August 2017 | by Victor Rowe

Leicestershire played host to the 2017 Church History Afternoon on Saturday 3 June. The ‘Puritan Earl’ (Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon) and Hannah Marshman, first woman missionary to India, were two contrasting subjects for this year’s well-attended conference, at Barton-in-the-Beans Baptist Chapel.

As the speakers demonstrated, both Henry Hastings and Hannah Marshman were great enablers of the gospel, facilitating its spread in very different circumstances and parts of the world.

Dr Lesley Rowe emphasised the vital pioneering role played by Henry Hastings in sponsoring gospel preaching in 16th-century England, in the years following the Reformation.

After tea, Mrs Christine Meller detailed the sacrificial service of Hannah Marshman in the Serampore Mission in India. Without her practical support, William Carey and his fellows could never have achieved what they did.

All who have an interest in God’s dealings with his people in the past are welcome to attend next year’s event, which will take place, God willing, on Saturday 2 June 2018 at 2.00pm.

Victor Rowe