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Conference – Marriage course

September 2017 | by Gordon Bell

One of the greatest challenges in life is marriage. Two sinful people pledge their life-long commitment, love and faithfulness to each other, but do so knowing there will be hurt, sin, pain and failure at times in the future. How is a marriage to survive these inwards challenges, in addition to the constant undermining of marriage by the world around?

It would be wonderful if Christian marriages were immune from these challenges. However, they are not. In fact, Christian marriage can sometimes be an even greater battlefield and one in which many couples feel alone.

With all these factors in mind, and with the desire to offer help, love, support and encouragement to Christian married couples, the Croydon Gospel Partnership put a marriage conference together.

The conference, ‘Making sense of marriage’, was hosted by Thornton Heath Evangelical Church on Saturday 10 June, and approximately 80 people attended.

The day comprised six sessions. During four of these, video presentations of Paul Tripp’s What did you expect? marriage course were viewed.

The other two sessions comprised personal testimony and a question-and-answer session. Following on from the conference, both Thornton Heath Evangelical Church and Selhurst Evangelical Church continued to present the remaining six sessions of Paul Tripp’s course on Monday evenings, over a period of six consecutive weeks.

While we realise many of the struggles faced in marriage cannot be ‘solved’ by a brief course, it is our hope we have provided some form of help to the couples that attended.

Our desire is to see Christian marriages strengthened and for the church to provide all the help, support and care it can. We thank God for the conference and for the help it was to all who attended.

Gordon Bull