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Persecution: UK – Double standards at Sheffield University

November 2017

Sheffield University has been accused of ‘appalling double standards’ over LGBT, Islam and Christian beliefs.

During a hearing at which Christian student Felix Ngole sought to appeal against the university’s decision to expel him after he expressed his belief in Christian marriage on Facebook, new evidence was submitted to the High Court showing there had been a conflict of interest.

The evidence submitted at the judicial review highlighted how the Fitness to Practise committee, which booted Mr Ngole off his social work course, had been chaired by a prominent and long-standing LGBT campaigner, Professor Jacqueline Marsh.

Both she and the university had failed to disclose her interest in the issue at any point during the proceedings. Unless the decision is reversed and Felix Ngole is restored to his course, he will effectively be barred from serving society as a social worker.

Mr Ngole also submitted evidence to the court that, in December 2015, the university allowed an Islamic teacher, Fadel Soliman, to speak to a segregated student audience. During the presentation Mr Soliman promoted his YouTube channel on which he sets out an Islamic case for domestic violence, sex slavery and polygamy.

The university’s approach to the Islamic speaker and the LGBT campaigning history of the disciplinary committee’s chairman smacks of double standards compared to his own treatment, Mr Ngole claims.

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