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Event – Brixton Tabernacle 150th anniversary

November 2017 | by Martin Humphrey

On 24 June many people gathered to help us celebrate this special anniversary. We had a lovely day, including seeing some faces that we hadn’t seen at the chapel for some time. Many had travelled great distances to be there.

The services themselves were truly special. It was good to sing hymns which we often sang and loved in former days, including ones by David Denham and James Wells, who compiled the hymn books used by the church until more recent years.

We also sang original hymns composed by the first and present pastor, and two by former organists — one of which was composed for the opening services of the current chapel 42 years ago. The singing was with conviction and power. Richard Lambert preached with blessing from 1 Timothy 3:15 about the nature and purpose of the church.

Many kind friends assisted in many ways. We continued the anniversary theme on the Sunday, meditating about the year of Jubilee as a time of rejoicing in God’s goodness.

Martin Humphrey

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