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Induction – FCC induction in Atlanta

November 2017

On 14 July 2017, the presbytery of the United States inducted Rev. Brent C. Evans as the new minister of the Atlanta congregation.

Mr Evans was received into the Free Church (Continuing) (FCC) as a minister, by the FCC’s general assembly, in May 2017. He was ordained to the ministry in 2008 by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and served a pastorate in the state of Illinois for seven years.

Mr Evans is the son of a Presbyterian minister and was raised in a Christian home. He came to faith in Christ early in life and began to discern a call to the ministry during his college years.

He worshipped in a Free Church congregation in the Highlands as a young teen, during the time of his father’s pulpit exchange with one of the Free Church ministers there. In more recent years, Mr Evans came to agree with the Free Church’s doctrines on the purity of worship, the establishment principle, and full subscription to the original Westminster Standards.

He appreciated what he experienced of the preaching and piety that he found in the Free Church and is grateful for the men of the United States presbytery who took an interest in him. Brent Evans is married to Lydia, and they have two young daughters, Cordelia and Geneva.

Please pray for the worship and witness of the Atlanta congregation to be powerfully blessed. The congregation is also served by elder Charles Greenewald and assessor elder Christopher Reeder. The congregation meets in a rented church building in Snellville, Georgia. The presence of several families with young children is an encouragement.