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Inductions – Howeth Road, Bournemouth

January 2018

Chris Durrant has been ordained into the ministry and inducted as pastor of Howeth Road Evangelical Church, Bournemouth.

On Saturday 9 September, Rev. John Rosser, who had been the moderator at Howeth Road since January 2016, chaired the induction service. Phil Walter, the revitalisation co-ordinator for the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), led the service, with Rev. Spencer Cunnah, pastor at Kensit Evangelical Church, preaching.

Mr Durrant worked full-time alongside the pastor and elders at Hailsham Free Church (FIEC) from January 2008 to August 2015. During this time, he attended the Proclamation Trust, Cornhill Training Scheme.

He felt the need for further training before taking on a pastorate and so also studied at London Seminary. He received the call to Howeth Road at the end of February 2017, while completing his studies there. He and his family, Serena, Samuel (5) and Isaac (3), moved down from the Seminary to Bournemouth in August.

Mr Durrant said: ‘There is a great need in our society for the church to be a clear and distinct witness to the grace of God. We hope and pray this will be true for us at Howeth Road in the coming months and years’.

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