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Persecution UK – Tim Farron

February 2018 | by Christian Institute

Tim Farron MP, the former Liberal Democrat leader, says he was foolish to say homosexual sex is not a sin. Farron said he tried to ‘push away’ the controversy over his views during the last general election, by ‘giving an answer that, frankly, was not right’.

In an interview with Premier Christian Radio, he criticised current society, which is ‘tolerant of everything, apart from the things that we don’t like’.

During the election campaign, Farron faced repeated questioning over his beliefs on homosexual sex. After side-stepping the subject, in April last year he eventually told the BBC that it was not sinful.

After the election he resigned, saying he had found it ‘impossible’ to hold to the Bible’s teaching while leading the Lib Dems.

However, an opinion poll for the Christian Institute showed the general public support the right of politicians with traditional views to express them, and Farron received support after his resignation.

Not afraid

Tim Farron said he regretted denying his beliefs, saying it was foolish and wrong. He said Christians and others seemed to be ‘talking different languages’ when discussing sin in the media.

The ‘absence of faith is considered to be neutral’, Farron commented, adding that believers in politics are only tolerated if their faith does not affect their life. However, he said such Christians should not be afraid of speaking about their faith, noting that the message of the Bible — obedience, sin, grace and forgiveness — is ‘utterly radical’.

In conclusion, and responding to questions about giving up the leadership of his party, he quoted Christian missionary and martyr Jim Elliot, who said: ‘He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose’.

Current Lib Dem party leader Sir Vince Cable responded on Twitter: ‘I strongly disagree with @timfarron’s personal views expressed today.

‘@libdems have a long & proud record of fighting for #LGBT+ rights: campaigning to repeal section 28, equalising age of consent and legislating for equal marriage. I will continue to champion rights and dignity’.

The Christian Institute

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