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International – Singaporean seminary

March 2018

The new semester at Singapore’s Emmanuel Reformed Bible College (ERBC) started on 5 January, with approximately 50 pastors, lay leaders, students and church members from Life Bible-Presbyterian Church who attended.

In a newsletter, dean of students Jack Sin commented: ‘We thank God for six new full-time students who joined the college, and many part time students — about 80, so far. One of the full-time students is from Singapore; the others are men from Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, India and South Korea.

Mr Sin asked for prayer for these men as they begin their theological training, and for the five second-year students, from Vietnam, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. He said, ‘May the Lord grant wisdom and strength to the faculty to teach and serve him in ERBC’.

In 2007, a pastoral fraternal was started to provide the means of fellowship and mutual encouragement among like-minded Bible-Presbyterian pastors and elders. In 2008, the Emmanuel Reformed Bible Lectures started under the auspices of Life Bible-Presbyterian Church, to help with theological training. Eventually, in August 2016, ERBC was approved by the relevant authorities and established as a full-fledged Bible college.