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Persecution: UK – Ofsted calls out Christian Institute

March 2018

Amanda Spielman
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Ofsted’s chief inspector of schools, Amanda Spielman, has berated traditional branches of the church and the Christian Institute, intimating these were ‘extremists’ who ‘pervert’ education.

As reported in The Times, Ms Spielman gave a speech to Anglican school leaders, in which she said, ‘Rather than adopting a passive liberalism that says “Anything goes”, for fear of causing offence, school leaders should be promoting a muscular liberalism’.

By this, she meant the most conservative voices in a particular faith should not be assumed to ‘speak for everyone’. Ms Spielman commented: ‘Imagine if people thought the Christian Institute was the sole voice of Anglicanism’.

Responding to her comments, the Christian Institute said: ‘Just because you oppose theological liberalism doesn’t mean you also oppose democratic liberalism. There seems to be some confusion here. Indeed, we fear some Ofsted inspectors will interpret the call for “muscular liberalism” as a call for more aggressive secularism.

‘We genuinely hope that Ofsted will promote the Great British tradition of democratic liberalism’.

In December 2017, Ofsted’s latest annual report warned there was a growing number of schools in Britain which ‘actively undermined’ fundamental British values.