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Society – Truth Project

March 2018

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has set up a forum to help all victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

The Victims and Survivors Forum is open to all and aims to make it easier for people affected by abuse to engage with the forum, which has been created by the inquiry, to help people come forward with their views and experience.

The Truth Project seeks to hear from people if an organisation failed to protect them from abuse or failed to respond appropriately to allegations. Once the inquiry can understand what happened in the past, the aim is to take steps to better protect children from sexual abuse in future.

Church organisations should take note of this statement from the inquiry: ‘When children go to an organisation such as a school or a church, or if they attend a club, or even stay at a detention centre, we should be confident they’ll be safe.

‘If a child tells someone in authority — such as a social worker, teacher or police officer — that they have been abused at home, we should be confident this will be acted on and the child protected.

‘This inquiry wants to find out why this didn’t happen for so many children in the past. We want to understand how and why children were failed, and we want to make strong recommendations on how they can be better protected in the future’.