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Church – New era for Partick

May 2018

Rev. A. Allan receives keys
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Partick Free Church (Continuing) has entered a new and exciting phase with the acquisition of a permanent place of worship.

In June 2016, Partick United Free Church (UFC) entered into a rental agreement with Partick FC(C) to share the Partick UFC building, but by the end of November 2016 Partick UFC voted to close, due to declining attendances. The UFC congregation handed over their assets to the UFC trustees, who offered the buildings for sale to Partick FC(C). The result was that the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) has now purchased the building.

Rev. Andrew Allan, minister of Partick, commented: ‘It is remarkable the way things have worked out and progressed. When we initially began to share the building, we could not have predicted what has happened so quickly.

‘It is true to say the Partick FC(C) congregation have had difficulties regarding property in recent years, but I’m happy to say that all these problems are now behind the congregation. This acquisition is the first undisputed place of worship owned by our denomination in Glasgow’.

He gave thanks to God, as well as to the denomination’s finance and sustentation committee, the general treasurer, the Southern Presbytery and the general trustees for their help in securing the property.

He added: ‘We are also thankful to the United Free Church of Scotland trustees for the amicable way in which the whole transaction was completed. Now we must work diligently and pray the Lord will bless the gospel among the people of the west end of Glasgow’.

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