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Obituary: Dr Theodore C. Danson

July 2018 | by Timothy Cross

Dr Theodore C. Danson
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Dr Theodore C. Danson Smith of Edinburgh went to be with Christ on May 8th 2018, having been in hospital for some months. Theodore trusted the Saviour at five years of age, and went on to have a lifetime of Christian service until his health declined.

He was manager of B. McCall Barbour Christian Books, Edinburgh for the whole of his working life. This took him to all four corners of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland for colporteurage. During his yearly travels, he also preached in local churches.

Theo — as he was known — authored five Christian books, all of which were widely read. Possessing a genial manner, he was valued for his personal counsel, and known for his godliness.

He was also never afraid to contend for the Faith when the need arose. Theo leaves behind his wife Heather, and his sister Grace, who will carry on the ministry of B. McCall Barbour as the Lord enables.

Timothy Cross