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Ethics – Rapper’s abortion regret

August 2018

Stephen Manderson
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British rapper, ‘Professor Green’, has spoken out against an abortion that a former girlfriend of his had many years ago.

According to an interview with The Sun on Sunday, the 34-year-old rapper, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, says he still thinks about the decision with regret.

He told The Sun on Sunday: ‘We decided to have an abortion because we didn’t want our child to go through the same stresses we went through growing up. Almost as soon as we’d done it, we realised we regretted it. It stuck with me for a long time afterwards and it still hurts now’.

The rapper added: ‘I do still think about it. It’s so important people talk about stuff, because that was a decision born of us talking to each other, but no one else’.

People looking for guidance on this issue can turn to the Christian Institute, whose Choose Life series includes the story of Lynn Coles, who had an abortion but now helps those who are suffering.

Ms Coles told the Christian Institute: ‘It’s not a religious thing to regret your abortion: it’s actually a human thing, a woman thing, because we’re not designed to take the lives of our children’.

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