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Church – Christian Concern welcomes GAFCON letter

August 2018

Delegates at the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in Jerusalem have agreed to a ‘Letter to the Churches’ that calls on the Anglican communion to hold fast to biblical teaching.

The conference, which was attended by 1,950 representatives, agreed to call on the Archbishop of Canterbury, as leader of the Anglican communion, to reaffirm the clear teaching of the Bible in line with historical Anglican orthodoxy.

The letter stated the uniqueness of Christ and the need for repentance from sins, and pointed out the attacks on the gospel from other religions and on secularism. It also criticised the softening approach by other denominations over matters such as sexual immorality.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, welcomed the letter and called it a ‘stunning declaration of the gospel’. She commented: ‘I believe this to be an historic moment — a defining moment in the life of the Anglican communion worldwide for the 21st century.

‘The letter presents a loving and firm challenge to the official structures of the Church of England to return to the true gospel, and to discipline church leaders who refuse to teach or live in the light of the gospel’.

She added, if the Archbishops of York and Canterbury are unable to assent to the statement and to take ‘appropriate action’, then the ‘consequences before God will be severe’. The full letter can be read at:

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