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International: Tibet – Tibetan Evangelical Alliance

August 2018

The ‘Reaching Himalayas Centre’, a mission dedicated to reaching Tibetans, has formed a Tibetan Evangelical Alliance.

A recent newsletter from a pastor in Tibet spoke of the ‘tough time’ faced by Tibetan pastors and single believers trying to go it alone in some of the world’s most isolated communities. The pastor said: ‘Tibetan pastors and single believers have a tough time due to persecution and conversions. Some of our pastors are tortured and [have been] imprisoned for ten years for working in Tibet and the border area’.

To help and encourage pastors, leaders and believers in Tibet, the Reaching Himalayas Centre has founded the Tibetan Evangelical Alliance. He added: ‘I have been a father to the fatherless, because the persecuted mother’s children have no father, because the father is Buddhist and does not care.

‘I have become a father to a pastor’s twin daughters and other orphans. God’s love compelled me to be a father to the fatherless. Please uphold me and my family, so we will not get burned out and [so that we can] continue to share the love of God’.

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