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Ethics – Pro-life group evicted

September 2018

A pro-life group was thrown out of a Lambeth Council outdoor event because it went against the local authority’s ‘values’. The Life charity, which helps vulnerable women and the unborn, said the council’s actions were a breach of freedom of speech and did a disservice to ‘women in crisis who may need our help’.

Life had applied in January to be part of the event, explaining what it did and including pictures of previous exhibits. It also provided a link to its website and said it was a pro-life charity. The application was approved in April but a volunteer arrived on the second day of the event in July to find the marquee taken down and possessions removed from the pitch.

Councillor Ed Davie said Life ‘were not on the approved list of exhibitors’, before the Council stated: ‘After the nature of the booking was revealed, and following complaints, the stall was prevented from opening on the second day of the show’.

Life’s Director of Education Anne Scanlan said: ‘Our message at Life is delivered in a compassionate and caring way.’ She explained: “There were life-like fetal models and pictures of the unborn baby at different gestational stages which can be seen on any pregnancy website including the NHS.”

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