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Society – Disastrous prostitution zone

September 2018

A legalised prostitution zone in Leeds has been a ‘disaster from day one’, a senior police officer has said. The zone was set up in an attempt to reduce crime related to the sex industry, but it seems the very opposite has happened.

One senior police officer said, ‘Other criminals came into the area quick as a flash. Drug dealers, pimps, even traffickers that brought the women from Romania. Loads of illegal immigrants, and complaint after complaint from people that worked and lived nearby.’

He added, ‘It was obvious we couldn’t contain it in the zone. The women were given carte blanche and it was like there was a total amnesty on any of the scumbags (sic) that were buying and selling the girls. If we thought we had complaints from the public before, that paled in comparison after they set up the zone. We’ve had rapes, a murder, loads of women being beaten up, massive health risk to kids and others’.

Campaigner Julie Bindel said she had visited red light districts all around the world, where ‘well meaning but misplaced liberalism has led local authorities to decriminalise prostitution. She explained: ‘If you legalise and celebrate prostitution, the argument goes, you give prostitutes the “agency” they require to lead healthy lives.’ She added, ‘For every happy prostitute (if one really exists) there are thousands for whom life is sordid and dangerous’.

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