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International – Willow Creek leaders quit

September 2018

Bill Hybels
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More church leaders have quit the Willow Creek mega-church in Illinoi, USA, following the allegations of sexual misconduct against the church’s former senior pastor, Bill Hybels. The leaders say they have quit because a ‘new start’ is needed and they should have handled the situation better.

Bill Hybels stepped down earlier this year after accusations of inappropriate conduct emerged.  He has denied the allegations, but said he had become a distraction. Now, the church elders have said in a statement that investigations had been ‘flawed’ and that their trust in Willow Creek’s founder had ‘clouded our judgement’.

‘We, as a board, know Willow needs and deserves a fresh start, and the entire board will step down to create room for a new board’, it said. The church’s lead pastor also stepped down, saying trust had been broken and there was an urgency to ‘move in a better direction’.

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