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Event – Arbroath hosts all-age holiday

September 2018 | by Andrew Allan

A total of 39 people, plus two day visitors, attended the 2018 Free Church (Continuing) all-age holiday held in Windmill Christian Centre, Arbroath. The aim of the holiday is for young and old to gather together for a time of relaxed fellowship in a safe Christian environment.

Each day began with a prayer meeting for the early birds, then a leisurely breakfast, followed by morning worship.  All were then free either to stay around the centre and enjoy the facilities or explore sights and places of interest further afield.

This year, six people attended for the first time and one of them came from outside the denomination. Taking advantage of the pleasant weather on the Sunday afternoon, several went to Arbroath harbour and took part in a time of open air preaching and gospel tract distribution. On Wednesday, a picnic was held in Camperdown Country Park, Dundee.  After lunch the children and not so young played rounders.

The speaker, Rev. John W. Keddie, chose to speak on the seven sayings of Christ on the cross and delivered seven addresses during the holiday. Mr Keddie is a retired Free Church (Continuing) minister, who is currently principal of the Free Church (Continuing) Seminary, Inverness, and lecturer in church history. All found the addresses thought provoking, challenging, practical and well presented.  The addresses were recorded and they can be found on the Partick sermonaudio site.

This year, Mrs Ruth Keddie and her husband David organised a children’s programme, and Murdo MacDonald, Aultbea, organised a sports competition for boys, girls and adults. After the address on Friday evening there followed the prize-giving and presentations. The children recited some memory verses and sang some of the psalms they had learned. Those who had been successful in the sports competition also received a medal.

Thanks to the speaker for bringing God’s Word to those gathered. Thanks to the Keddies and Mr MacDonald for their contribution to the holiday. Thanks also to the cooks: Isobel McQueer, from Dores; as well as Debbie Allan and Sohana McKenzie, both from Partick, for the delicious and varied cuisine.

Also, we are grateful to our precentors Don MacLeod, from Point, Bruce McKenzie, from Partick, and David Keddie of Shettleston for their ministry. Lastly, our gratitude to all who came and helped to make the holiday a memorable and enjoyable occasion. Much to the disappointment of the holiday makers, it is not expected the holiday will be held next year, but may return to Arbroath in 2020 if there is sufficient interest.

Andrew Allan

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