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Evangelism – Skegness witness

October 2018 | by Roger Carswell

Roger Carswell and Theo Fox in his top hat
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For nearly 20 years Theo Fox has taken the fairground organ, which he designed and built himself, to the shopping area of Skegness, and while the organ has played, he has distributed hundreds of thousands of gospel tracts to holiday makers and locals.

For six hours every Sunday, which is the busiest day of the week for holiday makers, he is there during the summer months seeking to share Christ. He is warmly welcomed by the nearby shopping centre where staff help him, keeping a watchful eye at all times.  Brought up in the area, and converted as a teenager, Theo was a local businessman who preached in the open air for many decades.

He said, ‘If I preached in this spot today, I would soon be moved on, but this is where the people are.  With the Dutch organ playing I see people literally smile as they see it, and then the majority gladly receive a gospel tract’.

Week by week, he has opportunities to talk about the Lord with people who would never be thinking about going to church. Theo and his wife Miriam, have books, tracts and little gifts, which adults and children can take, and working in Skegness over two decades has meant people from all over the country have had some tiny contact with the gospel.

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