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Conferences – Creation conference in Pittsburgh

October 2018

From 29 July to 1 August, Dr Bill Worraker and Matthew Pickhaver represented Biblical Creation Trust (BCT) at the 8th International Conference on Creationism in Pittsburgh, USA.

Nearly 300 people were in attendance although numbers grew to as many as 800 for the open evening sessions.  Besides afternoon discussion panels on biology, geology and cosmology, 46 academic papers were presented in various disciplines while 22 different creationist organisations had exhibition stands at the conference.

Dr Worraker, who has been researching the Flood heat problem, presented his paper on modelling Flood and post-Flood ocean floor cooling.  Around 50 delegates attended this session and catastrophic plate tectonics and supernatural heat removal were among the subjects of follow-up questions and comments.

Although unable to be there in person, Paul Garner was twice able to take part via a Skype link. First, he presented his paper on the classic ‘fish-to-tetrapod’ fossil series, showing with a statistical analysis that there are large gaps between the fishes and the tetrapods that make up the series.

Later the same day, he joined John Whitmore, Steve Austin, John Baumgardner and Timothy Clarey for the geoscience workshop, taking questions from delegates, particularly in relation to identifying the Flood boundaries in the geological column.

Prior to the ICC, Bill and Matthew attended Origins 2018, also in Pittsburgh. Origins is the annual conference of the Creation Biology and Creation Geology Societies. About 60 people gathered to hear twelve papers presented, and abstracts can be downloaded at

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