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Parents’ opposition to relationships lessons in schools is spreading

May 2019

Damian Hinds – UK Parliament official portraits 2017
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An increasing number of primary schools across England are experiencing opposition from parents to new ‘relationships’ lessons.

In recent months, Parkfield Community School in Birmingham has been at the centre of controversy over its ‘No Outsiders’ programme of lessons which pushes an LGBT agenda.

Now parents in Manchester, Oldham, Blackburn, Bradford and other areas are also protesting against similar classes.

But the Education Secretary has weighed into the row, warning that parents should not control what schools teach their children.

Damian Hinds said that although it was right that parents were consulted and involved in developing how schools deliver relationships education, he insisted ‘what is taught, and how, is ultimately a decision for the school’.

In a letter to the National Association of Head Teachers he said, ‘We trust school leaders and teachers to make the right professional choices and act reasonably when considering consultation feedback.’

A public petition to Parliament supporting parents’ rights over Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) has attracted over 116,000 signatures.

It states, ‘We believe it is the parent’s fundamental right to teach their child RSE topics or to at least decide who teaches them and when and how they are taught.’

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