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CofE must ‘intervene’ against trans lobby

July 2019

Andrea Williams (Christian Concern)
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The Church of England (CofE) must intervene in cases where transgender ideology is being enforced in schools with a Christian ethos, the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) has warned.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the CLC, said there was a ‘real threat posed to schools’ from organisations such as the trans lobby Mermaids.

She stated, ‘[Such groups] implement a new ideological tyranny and any disagreement is at best silenced and at worst, punished.

‘The CofE has one million children in its care. This is a serious God-given duty which the church is failing at. It has invited the new state ideology into the classroom and it has lost confidence in its own message of what it means to be human. The Church needs to act before it is too late’.

Her comments came after vicar Rev. John Parker resigned from his position of governor at a CofE primary school, following a training session with trans lobby group Mermaids.

During the session, his expressions of faith and science were verbally shut down and staff were told any questioning of an infant’s decision to transition, or even using the wrong pronoun by mistake, would be considered a hate crime.

A child at the school was due to change gender. In March the head teacher said the parents of other children were not to be told until the child announced the transition.

As a result, the child made the announcement at school to the class before any policies were written, procedures implemented, or parents and year groups told.

According to Christian Concern, which is supporting Mr Parker, there was no guidance to cover matters such as whether the child in question would be allowed to use the girls’ toilets or share changing rooms and accommodation with female pupils during trips away.

After the incident, Mr Parker resigned as a vicar in the CofE, claiming he was deeply troubled by the way the denomination had enforced politically correct ideology, especially within his diocese, in recent years.

In his letter to the bishop, he wrote ‘children were being sacrificed on the altar of trans ideology’.

Statistics released by the National Health Service have revealed the number of children referred for hormone treatment to the Tavistock Centre had risen exponentially over the past nine years, up from 97 cases in 2009 to 2,519 in 2018. This marked a 2,500 percent increase over the period.

Mermaids recently received a £500,000 grant from the National Lottery and gets funding from Children in Need.

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