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Grace Baptist church in South East hosts LGBT play

August 2019

A Grace Baptist church in the south east of England has allowed a LGBT play to be staged in its building and has promoted the play through social media.

The church is a member of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches South East, and the matter is being addressed within the association.

The play celebrated the life of a civil rights and LGBT activist and was staged as part of a local heritage festival.

It has been reported that the church was not aware of the LGBT content of the play when it first agreed that the play could be staged in its building.

However, advance publicity leaflets available months before the festival made it clear that the play was linked with the LGBTQ history month.

Moreover, the church’s official twitter account was still actively publicising the play well after the play’s first showing, encouraging people to attend the performances.

The play was performed at the church building for two weeks, running from 14 to 28 February.

Evangelical Times has contacted the church leadership and asked for comment, but no response has been received.

Paul Spear, chairman of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches South East, says he is aware of the situation, and he is seeking to address it within the association.

He would urge people not to gossip or rush to judgments without knowing the full background. And he would also encourage churches to have a clear policy about how their buildings may be used.

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