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High Court ruling on euthanasia welcomed

January 2020

James Mildred of CARE
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Christian advocacy group CARE has welcomed a decision by the High Court to refuse a new challenge to the existing law on assisted suicide.

Phil Newby, who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2014, had proposed that the court ‘test the evidence’ on assisted suicide, by examining a wide body of evidence from jurisdictions where it has been legalised.

However, at the end of 2019, The High Court stated this was a matter for Parliament to decide, and the court was ‘not an appropriate forum for the discussion of the sanctity of life’.

In his judgment, Lord Justice Irwin said, ‘In our judgment, the courts are not the venue for arguments which have failed to convince parliament’.

James Mildred, communications manager for CARE, commented, ‘We welcome the court’s decision not to change the law on assisted suicide.

‘While we sincerely sympathise with Mr Newby and his family, it is clear the existing law is the only effective safeguard we have against abuse’.

UK Parliaments have examined this issue more than a dozen times since 2003. The last time MPs voted on this issue at Westminster was in 2015 and MPs voted against a change to the law.

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